Life, Love, Death, and Spring: Thoughts for caregivers and those who employ them

By Judy Bloom

“Mom and Dad” aka Elaine & Abe Kleiman

As the bright sun of spring continues to settle in, I am taking a moment to be present to and reflect on the hard work of journeying, both in community and in solitude, through change, loss, and grief. I can honestly say this past year was one of the most challenging on record, starting with the death of a dear friend, the ending and beginning of business partnerships, and the launching of my children.

Then, three months ago, my dad passed away.

My dad was 89 years old and had been suffering from a neurological condition that, over the past year, placed him in excruciating pain as it robbed him of his independence and his ability to move. He needed round the clock care, and my mom (who is 85 years old) and I were his primary caregivers. Continue reading “Life, Love, Death, and Spring: Thoughts for caregivers and those who employ them”


Our Greatest Gift

labrynthI recently had a conversation with a yoga student after teaching a class in Seattle. She asked how nurse coaching was coming along and commented on how valuable it would be to have a nurse coach join their clients during medical specialist visits to help translate diagnoses and navigate options for health promotion. I keenly agreed, and we continued to brainstorm the many reasons people chose coaching for both personal development and health-related goals.

Integrative nurse coach and Triskele Catalyst Coach Kathy Salmonson was recently able to support a friend in this way. Here Kathy shares her story: Continue reading “Our Greatest Gift”

Rituals of Renewal

gretchen fb.jpg
Harmony Hill Founder and Nurse Leader Gretchen Schodde

While discussing the creation of Triskele’s “Tribal Code” and rituals in a meeting last May, the Catalyst Coaches decided that building renewal rituals into our lives and the fabric of Triskele as an organization must remain a priority. It just so happens that Patricia Welsch-Wolfrom (aka Patti), our multi-talented Aryuvedic guru, acupuncturist, and Nurse Coach was in on the discussion. Patti leads a bi-annual Ayurvedic Retreat at Harmony Hill Retreat Center in Union, WA. When she mentioned there were spaces available in their August weekend, we jumped at the opportunity for deep rejuvenation in an idyllic locale. I’m currently riding the ferry home from what proved to be a magical weekend, facilitated by an incredibly savvy group of holistic practitioners.

Continue reading “Rituals of Renewal”

Where’s the Tipping Point?

The founder of Triskele Collaborative, Kim Adams, and I met with a wellness coach who works for an insurance company this morning, and the topic of a “tipping point” in health care’s disease prevention efforts largely dominated our conversation. A tipping point is defined as: the point at which a series of small changes or incidents becomes significant enough to cause a larger, more important change. This wellness coach and the work of Triskele Collaborative are significantly committed to supporting individual and business health promotion through a holistic living systems perspective. Continue reading “Where’s the Tipping Point?”


The text on my Lululemon yoga mat says “Stress is related to 99%” of illnesses”. Funny I’ve had this mat for over a year but just happened to read that today- right before writing an article on stress. It’s no surprise to me this is the first time I noticed those words. When I’m on my yoga mat, I intentionally tune out mental static and tune into gratitude- for the luxury of time to align body and mind with hopes of sharing its peace, and that the space is reserved for not thinking about such statements. Continue reading “S-T-R-E-S-S”

Stop Zombification!

Imagine a world where work is inspiring

Bosses are the great unsung heroes of the health and well-being of their direct reports. We rarely think of them in this light. Bosses are more the folks who keep things organized, manage budgets, make sure everything is on time and functioning. But every person who has ever had a boss will know how much it meant to them to have one who was caring, thoughtful, looked out for their employees’ interests and needs, essentially cared about them as a person. By the same token, everyone who’s been under the thumb of the opposite knows all about how impactful that experience can be in a negative way. So think about it, think about how it felt in those two contrasting situations. Here are some feelings you might remember: Continue reading “Stop Zombification!”